Exercise TV Workouts

We have a great list of Exercise TV Workouts available to purchase on DVD. They range from yoga to Pilates to cardio to strength training. Lose Weight In 8It is a great collection of various Exercise TV workouts. Click here to view our complete DVD list. We also have a great collection of Exercise TV yoga workouts.

If you’re interested in watching Exercise TV workouts on your computer and following along, there is also a great list of on demand and instant streaming Exercise TV workout collections. These are generally much cheaper than buying a whole DVD set. However, when you purchase an Exercise TV workout through an instant streaming or on demand source, you usually just get part of the DVD workout. For instance, if the DVD features a leg workout, a stretching set of exercises, some arms, and a cardio set, then you would pay one low price to get all of them on DVD. If you purchase on instant streaming or on demand, it may be a fraction of the price of the DVD, but you may only get the leg workout, or only the stretching. It’s a more a la carte style of buying and watching your Exercise TV workouts. Really, it’s nice to have both options. You can learn more about Exercise TV here.

Additionally, we have a few free videos to watch. Check out our page of free Exercise TV workouts here.

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