Exercise TV Shows

There were a lot of great Exercise TV Shows available through the on demand and broadcast network Exercise TV.  We have created a list of some of the Exercise TV shows and their DVD series counterparts:

  • Exercise TV Enviga
  • Fitness Fix in 6Fitness Fix in 6
  • The Butt Bible
  • Walking Cardio Shape Up Max
  • Lose Weight in 8
  • Fitness 360
  • 10 Pound Slimdown
  • Rock Hard Body by Jake Total Body
  • Incredible Abs
  • Start! Walking at Home
  • Long Lean Legs

These various series are just some of the many workouts and Exercise TV shows that were part of a stellar workout and exercise lineup. Fortunately, you can get all these series on DVD on sale.

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They are not making any more Exercise TV shows since the network stopped broadcasting, but there are a lot of great series and videos still out there to watch. If you’d rather watch a few of the shows for free, check out our free page, or if you would like to purchase the workouts for less than $2 per episode, then visit our section on Exercise TV instant streaming options to see the largest selection of on demand episodes at the lowest prices.

We were fortunate there were so many great Exercise TV shows to help motivate us to exercise, eat healthy, and lose weight.

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