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There are several Exercise TV free videos floating around the internet. We have compiled a list of them for quick and easy viewing.

Exercise TV Free Videos on Hulu

Lean and Mean 2 Minute Leg Workout with Jillian Michaels

Watch more Jillian Michaels and Free Exercise TV videos through Hulu. Click the banner below for your free episodes!

Armed and Dangerous 3.5 Minute Arm Workout with Jillian Michaels

Resolution Solution Leg and Glutes 2 Minute Workout

Resolution Solution Core Blast 2.5 Minute Workout

Exercise TV Free Videos on YouTube

10 Pound Slimdown Workouts ExerciseTV

Cindy Whitmarsh-Incredible Abs

10 Minute Buns Thighs Workout Videos by ExerciseTV

Kickbox Workout Videos by ExerciseTV

Pilates Abs Workout Videos by ExerciseTV

Dorm Room Workout Workout Videos by ExerciseTV

Slim Down Cardio Burn Workout Videos by ExerciseTV

Seriously Sexy Abs Workout Videos by ExerciseTV


Booty Burn Workout Videos by ExerciseTV

Tank Top Arms Workout Videos by ExerciseTV

Exclusive Free Exercise TV Videos on Hulu

Hulu has about 30 workout videos and clips that you will only find on Hulu. Additionally, they have most of the popular TV shows that you can stream online like Modern Family, New Girl, and Downton Abbey, plus hundreds of other TV shows and movies.

Click below to get Hulu for FREE. Access Exercise TV videos, the most popular TV shows, and movies.

Exercise TV Free Videos on iTunes

Fit and Fabulous Total Body in 10

Fit and Fabulous Total Body in 10

Click This Link or the Picture Above To Open in iTunes

iTunes sells a complete workout series through their store. They do have a great free episode you can download and see if you like for free. It’s always nice to try before you buy!

Exercise TV Free Videos on Amazon Instant Video

Amazon has the largest selection and collection of Exercise TV instant streaming exercise videos. However, there are no free episodes or workouts available through Amazon Instant Video. There are episodes to rent and episodes to purchase for less than $2 each, which is a great deal if there is a certain exercise set you want. In addition, most of these videos will be a lot longer than the free Hulu, YouTube, and iTunes videos above. While they are not free, they are very cheap, and can get you the entire set of Yoga & Pilates, and other exercise videos. For a complete listing, see Amazon’s Instant Streaming Videos Here.

Watch Exercise TV online and on demand, and get in shape!

Watch Instant Videos Here or Buy Exercise TV DVD Videos Here.

Exercise TV was an on demand exercise channel featuring workouts in cardio, yoga, abs, personal training, Pilates, and overall fitness. We have pulled together some great resources from Exercise TV to help you get in shape. You can read more about it here.

ExerciseTV 10 Pound Slim-down Workout

This Exercise TV video will help you lose weight and slim down. It’s called the 10 pound slimdown, as its goal is to help you drop a fast 10 pounds.

Exercise TV Videos

Exercise TV workouts are available on iTunes. They have 11 workout videos from the Fit & Fabulous series from Exercise TV. Each episode is $1.99, and ranges from 10 minutes to 30 minutes in length, with the average video lasting about 20 minutes. 20 minutes is a great length workout because it’s long enough to get a great workout in, but short enough to fit into your busy day. Additionally, there is an iTunes episode of Exercise TV free. The series has a very high rating from customers.

If you’re looking for more exercise TV videos, there are a few videos available on Hulu.

We’ve also included another YouTube video from an Exercise TV workout. It is an ExerciseTV Boot-camp video to help with burning calories.

Bootcamp Calorie Burn ExerciseTV Workout Video

Exercise TV Coupon Code

There are no more active coupon codes for Exercise TV. The network and on demand broadcast channel has stopped broadcasting, and any coupon codes you would find online in internet forums or websites will no longer work since there is no longer a network broadcast to use them on. However, there are other options to find and watch these great exercise TV shows. Hulu, iTunes, and Amazon all offer some of these exercise shows since the network is no longer broadcasting.

Where is Exercise TV On Demand

Exercise TV on demand has disappeared from your dial or on demand channel options because the network has stopped broadcasting. It was pulled from Time Warner Cable stations, and has also been removed from FiOS, to many exercise and enthusiasts disappointment. There are many fans of ExerciseTV, and it was a great place to watch Jillian Michaels and many other trainers motivate us to lose weight. Comcast also dropped the station, and Billy Blanks fans are now having to look for other exercise and workout material. Essentially, when ExerciseTV stopped functioning as a broadcast station, all the cable providers and channels dropped their channel from the lineup, and the on demand aspect was dropped as well. However, you can still find some videos on Amazon and through iTunes to watch.

Exercise TV

What Happened to Exercise TV

In a nutshell, Exercise TV was pulled as a broadcast network station. There are several online articles detailing what happened to the station. Here is a forum detailing what happened. Here is a Tumblr page regarding Exercise TV. When a station doesn’t turn the profit it was expected to, or viewers do not log enough hours watching, the networks have trouble selling commercials and getting funding. Apparently, ExerciseTV had some of those issues and the network stopped broadcasting around Dec 2011. That’s hard to believe, since the network received about eight million views each month.

On Demand Exercise TV

If you are looking for On Demand Exercise TV, you will no longer find it through your broadcast network, satellite, or cable provider. It is no longer broadcast. There are still places to watch it On Demand Online though, and this site offers one option to help find them.

Exercise TV Shows

One of the shows on Exercise TV was called Daily. It aired daily at 8pm. You can read more about Exercise TV shows here. There was also a show series called Fit & Fabulous. It has 11 different workouts ranging from ten to thirty minutes that focus on different areas of your body and workout. It is available for purchase in iTunes.

Exercise TV Free

There is a free episode of Exercise TV available on iTunes. We have also created a great page of Exercise TV free videos here!

Exercise TV Workout Videos

There are workout videos available on Amazon. Additionally, you can find a lot of great workout videos on YouTube. We’ve filtered by the ExerciseTV videos, and you can see them here.

Exercise TV Videos

Here is another great video from Exercise TV that focuses on making sure your arms are in great shape.

Tank Top Arms Workout Video ExerciseTV

Exercise TV Website

The Exercise TV website was taken offline when Exercise TV stopped broadcasting. This site is not an official Exercise TV site, but aims to direct fans and viewers to the Exercise TV resources that still exist on YouTube, Amazon, iTunes, Hulu, and other locations. Please feel free to share this site with anyone interested in working out with you.

Excercise TV

Excercise TV is a common misspelling of Exercise TV. Many individuals will unknowingly add the letter “c” into the word where it is not necessary, and have trouble finding the website they are looking for. Most people searching for Excercise TV online are really searching for ExerciseTV.

Exercise TV Enviga

There was an Enviga calorie burn series on the network that offered lots of different great workout options to help burn calories, shed weight, get tone and increase your overall strength. It was a great way to lose weight because it kept your heart rate up, and the trainers were a lot of fun to exercise with.

Exercise TV Abs

Exercise TV has provided a lot of great workouts to help us get in shape and stay fit.

Exercise TV on Demand was a great service brought to us by our cable TV providers. However, Exercise TV stopped broadcasting in December of 2011, Bikini Body Makeoverand has left many Exercise TV on Demand fan and customers wondering where to turn to get great workouts and material. Fortunately, there are many different ways to still watch Exercise TV, and just because they stopped broadcasting doesn’t mean we have to stop working out, losing weight, and achieving our health goals. So, you’re probably wondering what your options are?

Option 1 Purchase DVD Series

Many of the series from Exercise TV have been turned into their own DVD workouts. If it was a popular show or series, it’s probably available on DVD. We’ve done the searching for you, and have compiled a list of the top Exercise TV on Demand workouts now on DVD. Sure, they cost a little bit, but $7 for a workout DVD is much cheaper than the gym, and spending a little something is a good motivator to  actually put it in the DVD player and push play.You can do it! And here’s a List of Exercise TV DVD series to help you!

If you like Yoga, we have a collection for you to browse here.

Additionally, you may see Jillian Michaels list of DVD series and books here.

Option 2 Watch Exercise TV on Demand Online

Your second option is to rent or watch Exercise TV on Demand online. There are several places that still rent out or sell episodes of Exercise TV. iTunes and Amazon Instant Streaming both have options to browse. We’ve put a list of their collections out to save you time.

Option 3 Watch Exercise TV Instant Streaming

The third option is to find free videos to watch online. If you have Hulu, you can watch a couple of short exercise videos through them. Or, you can find some videos on YouTube. Again, to save you time we actually have a whole list of videos you can watch here for free!

Exercise TV on Demand may no longer broadcast on your cable provider, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop working out or can’t reach your goals – You Can Do It!

Exercise TV was a broadcast network station on many different cable providers that created a lot of great Exercise TV videos. If you are interested in watching and working out with Exercise TV videos, please visit one of our three main workout video pages.

Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown

Exercise TV DVD Videos

Click here to see a list of our Exercise TV DVDs. There is a page dedicated to yoga, and a general page with strength workouts, cardio, walking, bun workouts, and all around body slimming and exercise. These traditional DVD workouts will help you lose weight and can be used for years.

Exercise TV Instant Streaming Videos

Instant streaming videos are nice if you want to watch them on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smart TV. However, they are generally shorter than the DVD series. Fortunately, they are also less expensive. These are a great option if you just want to rent a series, buy a series in digital format, or if you want to just buy part of a workout program (say level 1 of a 3 level workout program).

Exercise TV Free Videos

Free is awesome, but you also get what you pay for. These have the lowest video quality, and most are pretty short. There are a few longer workouts, and if you’re just interested in burning calories and losing weight, these great videos will do the trick. Of course, if you want a more specific workout, buying a DVD or instant streaming options is best. These let you try before you buy and see what trainer and video series is right for you.

Jillian Michaels Workouts and Books

We also have a page of videos and workouts by Jillian Michaels – famous trainer, The Biggest Loser coach, and Exercise TV star.

These pages are all great sources to help you locate the perfect workout for you.

We have a great list of Exercise TV Workouts available to purchase on DVD. They range from yoga to Pilates to cardio to strength training. Lose Weight In 8It is a great collection of various Exercise TV workouts. Click here to view our complete DVD list. We also have a great collection of Exercise TV yoga workouts.

If you’re interested in watching Exercise TV workouts on your computer and following along, there is also a great list of on demand and instant streaming Exercise TV workout collections. These are generally much cheaper than buying a whole DVD set. However, when you purchase an Exercise TV workout through an instant streaming or on demand source, you usually just get part of the DVD workout. For instance, if the DVD features a leg workout, a stretching set of exercises, some arms, and a cardio set, then you would pay one low price to get all of them on DVD. If you purchase on instant streaming or on demand, it may be a fraction of the price of the DVD, but you may only get the leg workout, or only the stretching. It’s a more a la carte style of buying and watching your Exercise TV workouts. Really, it’s nice to have both options. You can learn more about Exercise TV here.

Additionally, we have a few free videos to watch. Check out our page of free Exercise TV workouts here.

Exercise TV Yoga is a great way to stretch your muscles, burn calories, get in a great workout, strengthen your core, and lose weight. There are several great Yoga workouts that Exercise TV has produced over the years, and we have featured one of them below, along with some of the other best Yoga workouts and exercise videos of all time. You’ll see Yoga from Exercise TV, Yoga taught by Jillian Michaels, a personal trainer and regular coach on Exercise TV as well as The Biggest Loser, and Bob Harper, another amazing personal coach and The Biggest Loser trainer. We have also included a Yoga for Beginners class because it has tons of great reviews, huge sales, and is a great introduction to Yoga workout video. Click on pictures below to read reviews, check prices, and order your Exercise TV Yoga video.

Yoga FitnessAmazon purchase-online Jillian Michaels Yoga MeltdownAmazon purchase-online
The Biggest Loser: The Workout - Weight Loss YogaAmazon purchase-online Yoga For BeginnersAmazon purchase-online

Yoga is a great workout and exercise medium. If you’re interested in learning about other workouts and exercise programs, please see our full list of Exercise TV workouts, and we hope you lose weight and enjoy your new Exercise TV Yoga program.

There were a lot of great Exercise TV Shows available through the on demand and broadcast network Exercise TV.  We have created a list of some of the Exercise TV shows and their DVD series counterparts:

  • Exercise TV Enviga
  • Fitness Fix in 6Fitness Fix in 6
  • The Butt Bible
  • Walking Cardio Shape Up Max
  • Lose Weight in 8
  • Fitness 360
  • 10 Pound Slimdown
  • Rock Hard Body by Jake Total Body
  • Incredible Abs
  • Start! Walking at Home
  • Long Lean Legs

These various series are just some of the many workouts and Exercise TV shows that were part of a stellar workout and exercise lineup. Fortunately, you can get all these series on DVD on sale.

Click Here to see the Exercise TV shows available on DVD at low prices!

They are not making any more Exercise TV shows since the network stopped broadcasting, but there are a lot of great series and videos still out there to watch. If you’d rather watch a few of the shows for free, check out our free page, or if you would like to purchase the workouts for less than $2 per episode, then visit our section on Exercise TV instant streaming options to see the largest selection of on demand episodes at the lowest prices.

We were fortunate there were so many great Exercise TV shows to help motivate us to exercise, eat healthy, and lose weight.

Many fans of Exercise TV, and people that enjoyed Exercise TV on Demand are asking the same question, What Happened to Exercise TV? The simple answer is that Exercise TV stopped broadcasting as a network in December 2011, so it is no longer found on cable. However, there are still Exercise TV shows to watch, DVD series, Free Instant Streaming and on Demand videos to watch, and many more.Fit and Fabulous Total Body in 10

We have listed the best DVD series and shown where to purchase the best sets so you can watch and exercise to Exercise TV workouts for years to come. Additionally, there are several instant streaming options to watch off your computer for discounted prices. There are also a few free programs, either through YouTube, Hulu, or iTunes that you can watch. Just look around our site and you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you are interested in learning more about what happened to Exercise TV, please read our article here.

If you are looking for Free Exercise TV workouts and videos, we have a great selection and resources to meet your needs. There are exercise videos ranging from a few minutes, to longer 20 minute sessions or more. Additionally, we have links to free videos hosted on YouTube, Hulu, and iTunes. There are also some very reasonably prices instant streaming options on Amazon, as well as normal and low priced DVD programs to purchase on Amazon.

Please click here for free Exercise TV pages we have created to watch your workout online for free.ExerciseTV

If you are interested in cardio workouts, weight training, yoga, Pilates, circuit training, increasing your endurance, and burning fat, Exercise TV is a great resource. The network was broadcast for years on cable TV stations, and featured some very famous personal trainers such as Jillian Michaels, Jake from Body by Jake, and many others. There are still lots of good Exercise TV workouts online, and many series are available to purchase on DVD.

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Exercise TV DVD Workout Series

February 1, 2013
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Exercise TV has a lot of great workout series on DVD. These are great because they allow you to work out when and where you want, without having to go to the gym, spend money on memberships, or coordinate a class schedule. We have selected the top 10 ExerciseTV workout videos on DVD for your […]

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